Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA)


Nepal Association of Tour and Travels Agents (NATTA) was established in 1966 (2022/11/27 B.S.) by a group of leading travel agents, who felt that it was the time to work together to formulate sound business principal and to regulate the travel industry in Nepal. The primary purpose of NATTA has been to protect the professional interest of those engaged in the travel trade business, to promote its orderly growth and develop, to safeguard the travelling public from exploitation by unreliable agents. NATTA is a non-political, non-profit making, non-governmental pioneering and national association of tour and travel related companies in Nepal. It is recognized as the main representative body of tourism industry in the country.

The objectives and aim of the NATTA are

  • Contribute to the healthy development of tourist industry and trade
  • Develop goodwill among travel agents on all subjects of common interests and welfare and protect the professional interest
  • Provide co-operation and consultation to the Government of Nepal for the promotion of tourism in Nepal
  • Work directly or indirectly for institutional mission of all matters pertaining to interests of tourist industry and trade
  • Enthuse feelings of close co-ordination and professional ethics among all components engaged in tourist industry and trade
  • Undertake research work for promotion of tourism
  • Obtain national and international recognition for the association
  • Promote and safeguard the interests of other professionals, trade and industries that area ancillary to tourism
  • Make wide publicity for tourism development